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Marriott Hotel coming to Sioux City

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Coming to Sioux City is a $20 million dollar Marriott Courtyard Hotel. If approved, the hotel will be attached to the convention center. The five-story, 150 room hotel could mean millions in revenue to the city.

Downtown Sioux City has had it's ups and downs when it comes to business development. 

But with a new Marriott Courtyard Hotel coming, city officials are hoping big conventions and high profile events become staples to the historical downtown area. 

"There were a couple of big ones that would not let us even present because of the hotel situation, those are the ones that sting the most, when we are not even allowed to present. Even though we have hosted some of those conferences in the past and done a great job, they simply don't want to come back because they simply did not have a pleasant experience with the hotel," said Erika Newton, Events & Facilities Dept. 

The parking lot on Virginia Street between 4th and 5th St. is the location of the new hotel. It is also directly across from the movie theater. 

If approved the parking lot will be gone, but a new two-level, 140-space ramp will be built in the lot located directly behind the old lot. 

Inside the Sioux City Convention Center, Gallery C will be converted into a ballroom. 

Although an outside company will be doing the hotel construction, there is opportunity for local businesses as well. 

"Kinseth Properties has indicated to me that they will use as many local contractors as they can, and it makes sense to do that we have excellent contractors here and it will be less expensive for them to use local contractors," said Marty Dougherty, Sioux City Economic Development.

All improvements to the convention center and parking lot will be done by local companies and the city will bid those projects out. 

A strategic planning company, that the city has been working with, believes the new hotel will translate to $219-million in additional spending downtown, and $69-million in new earnings over the first 20-years of operation.

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