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Morningside College alumni who marched in Selma share experiences


Three Morningside College alumni, marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.-- from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama-- on March 21st, 1965  returned to their alma mater Monday to hold a panel discussion.

They also recounted their experience to students and the community.

Margie Weiss, Donna Speak, and Gordon Watson were students at Morningside College when they took part in the march, which was one of the most notable events of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

Watson, who's a Sioux City native, says what he remembers most vividly was the hatred that he-- and his fellow demonstrators-- endured.

"We were told that we shouldn't look at the crowd as we marched. And I made eye contact with a man who was on the side of the street and I never experienced such hate in my whole life," said Watson. "The power of that, just that glance between he and I, taught me that that's an awfully dangerous thing."

Speak, who now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, says that even though it has been over 50 years since Selma, we still see the same divisiveness, today.

"Progress is slow," said Speak. "But you have to, I think there has been progress, and I think there will continue to be and I think that people will continue to fight for what's right."

The march from Selma, to the state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, spanned 5 days, covering 54 miles.

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