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A taste of Western Iowa Tech Community College


Western Iowa Tech showcased the world Wednesday during its Festival of Nations. 

International students and staff represented more than 30 countries during Wednesday's event, now in its fourth year. 

The festival allows students and faculty from other countries to share their culture within the community. 

People were able to sample food from other countries, watch the Winnebago Native American dancers, students performing and reading poetry.

The festival brings a lot of happiness to students so they can show where they come from.     

"We gather all together and it's really nice how we can share our culture, how we can show our tradition, how we dress and our food. Like you cannot go to every country and try to taste their food but this is a really good opportunity to meet different people," said Western Iowa Tech student, Gaby Villacres.

Nearly 500 people attended last year's festival.

Faculty and students say they hope they do the same this year. 

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