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Bishop Heelan students make an impact in their community


Thursday was Holy Thursday for students at Bishop Heelan Catholic School, and the start of their Easter Break. 

So to celebrate, they volunteered for their community.

Over 100 students were at non-profit agencies and churches throughout the day helping in anyway they could.

Two of the places were the Food Bank of Siouxland and the Siouxland Humane Society where they helped sort canned items and helped decorate tags for a Caramel Apple Drive.

Giving back and helping those that are in need was something that the students loved. 

"I feel amazing, like I love to volunteer and being here and being here like around this. I'm probably going to come back here and volunteer again. Like getting the faith for like through it and like learning about all these animals and what they've gone through is really really good and warm to heart" said Grace O'Brien, a senior at Bishop Heelan.

Another student feels grateful that she goes to a school that gives back to their community.

"As a school we put an emphasis on helping other people and we don't like just say it, we do actually take like action and go do and go help," said Ann Noutepe, a freshman at Bishop Heelan.

This is a first time effort organized by Bishop Heelan's first year teacher, Sister Madeleine Miller.

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