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Sioux City Police Town Hall Meeting focuses on many issues including "use of force"


All across the country we hear of communities concerned about police officers using too much force on the job.

That was one of the topics at this year's annual Sioux City Police Department's Town Hall Meeting.

Cheri Trometer has lived in Sioux City her whole life and she's seen more than 60-years of changes in law enforcement.

"You have more gangs.  You have more things going on all of the time.  It's a lot tougher these days for officers," said Cheri Trometer.

Trometer and other concerned citizens fill a the room with local leaders and officers who cover nine police districts across the city.

They learn about community policing, crime statistics and explore a topic hitting national headlines; the use of force.

And, it's nothing like you see on police shows on TV.

"If you are in any situation and they need to use force, you need to comply so it doesn't become a bigger issue." said Rick Arnold, Sioux City Neighborhood Network.

This crowd learns the myths and realities when it comes to using force.

It's specifically spelled out in national laws and local police policy.

"Some of the basics; Is your life threatened?  The people around you? And, how serious the crime?" said Police Chief Doug Young.

According to a national study (Dolan Report) just a trace or .0003% of the U-S population dies from the use of police force.

Police Chief Doug Young says with the increase of social media, there's misconception about how often it's used.

"You probably wouldn't even know that before.  I think with phone cameras people see a lot more of what's going on."

The police department plans to take what they hard at the town hall meeting to try and improve the quality of life in Sioux City.

"I think we have a good police department and they are doing the best they can do and they worry about us." said Trometer.

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