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Sweet drinks linked to dementia

(NBC News) -

There's more evidence that frequently gulping down sweet beverages could be bad for your brain.

The latest data from the Framingham Heart Study suggests that people who frequently drink sodas and fruit juices are more likely to have poorer memory as well as smaller overall brain volumes.   

The Framingham Heart Study, first started back in 1948, has followed the cardiovascular health of thousands upon thousands of residents of Framingham, Massachusetts over the decades.

Dr. Matthew at the Boston University School of Medicine authored the study also says the outcomes can be just as bad consuming diet drinks with artificial sweeteners. 

"We found that those people who were consuming diet soda on a daily basis were three times as likely to develop both stroke and dementia within the next ten years as compares to those who did not drink diet soda," he notes.

4,000 Framingham residents 30 or older were monitored for the study.

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