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Maryland microburst leaves tremendous damage behind

Microburst Damage Microburst Damage
(CNN) -

Downed trees smashed cars and damaged buildings in Adelphi, Maryland.

Much of the Washington D.C. area got hit by storms Thursday night, but much of the damage was limited to a small area of Adelphi.

John Gonzalez reports crews have been busy getting that damage cleaned up.

A downdraft or microburst -- that's how some residents here in Prince George's county are describing what rolled through here overnight.

One high-rise shook so bad it had to be evacuated to check for structural damage.

(Anna Murphy / resident ) "It just look like it was snowing... The wind was blowing hard. It looked like something out of a bad horror movie actually."

Throughout this two-to-three mile radius, the damage is significant.

Windows from apartments and townhomes shattered, trees landed on structures, cars and power lines.

Roads and major intersections such as Riggs Road and Metzerott closed.

( Jermaine Warren / resident ) "All of a sudden all of this wind and shaking of the building. I heard the trees snapping. It just came out of nowhere, like it just dropped down right on us."

Most of the D.C. region was hit with heavy winds and strong rain but adelphi appears to have been struck by something greater,  at least that's what it felt like to Blanca Viegas.

(Blanca Viegas / resident ) "it was scary. I thought it was the last day of my life."

(John Gonzalez / reporter ) "In most cases, the trees we have seen here in Adelphi have been snapped in half, but take a look at this massive tree. It looks like it was actually twisted out of the ground, and it came crashing down on top of two vehicles, bringing down utility poles. The wood chipper has arrived. The clean-up is gonna take days."

And it could be weeks if not months before all of the damage is repaired and replaced.

(Jermaine Warren / resident ) "I didn't think it would be this much damage and this many trees down like this."

Fire officials checked the damage inside that high-rise apartment building.

They say it appears to be minor cosmetic damage.

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