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Emergency responders, volunteers complete emergency management training


Several of Siouxland's emergency responders wrapped up a week-long course, Friday, on what to do in emergency situations.

Seven different agencies took part, including Winnebago, Thurston and Dakota County emergency management, who sponsored the seminar.

The course is conducted by a company called "The Blue Cell", which is a team of command school experts specializing in disaster management training.

Those experts say their training will help you work with what you have in emergency situations.

"It's a matter of taking the resources that are available to you, applying them appropriately to what the situation is, using those resources over time to deal with the problem and just bring everything to fruition," says The Blue Cell owner, Todd Manns.

This type of training is important for police, firefighters and EMT's.

But, what about other agencies on the scene when disaster strikes?

Development director of Salvation Army of Siouxland, Allison Liska, says the course taught her how to be a helping hand without stepping on any toes.

"When you get called out to a situation and you're not 100% sure what's going on, you don't feel very comfortable walking around and trying to figure out what you need to do," said Liska.

"Coming to this class and learning what all the different positions are and what people's jobs are, it's allowed me to learn where our organization fits in and how we can best serve first responders."

The course was also open to volunteers looking to be prepared to help, just in case.

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