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Man accused of killing sheriff deputy in Council Bluffs arrives at Woodbury County Jail



The man accused of killing a Pottawattamie County Sheriff's deputy and injuring another deputy is behind bars in Sioux City. 

Wesley Correa-Carmenaty is in custody of the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office.

Correa-Carmenaty was in a non marked car when he arrived to the Woodbury County Law Enforcement Center. 

Several Deputies helped Correa-Carmenaty out of the vehicle. 

He was wearing a bulletproof vest and an orange jumpsuit. 

Before going into the garage Correa-Carmenaty took one last look at the outside world. 

He was booked and the process went smoothly for the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office. 

But why is the alleged killer in the custody of Woodbury County versus a larger facility?

"I made the decision because I was contacted by the Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Office. Our census numbers are down, it made sense. It wouldn't be prudent for Pottawattamie County to house that inmate for his, I don't want to say his safety but for the integrity of the case, for everybody involved in dealing with that party. So, it's not uncommon in a line of duty death that another agency would help." says Sheriff Dave Drew 

Drew says that Woodbury County is a similar size agency to Pottawattamie County.

He also says that the close distance to Council Bluffs was another factor for why Correa- Carmenaty is being housed here in Woodbury County. 


After his Initial Appearance in Pottawattamie County Court Wednesday, Wesley Correa-Carmenaty was transported to Woodbury County by the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office. 

Correa-Carmenaty is accused of killing one deputy and wounding another during an escape attempt last week in Council Bluffs. 

He's now being held at the Woodbury County Jail. 

The County Attorney for Pottawattamie County Matthew Wilber requested no bond because of the severity of the charges. 

District Associate Judge Craig Dreismeier, who conducted the Initial Appearance, agreed with Wilber and set no bond. 

Correa-Carmenaty is charged with murder in the first degree, of Deputy Mark Burbridge, attempted murder of Deputy Pat Morgan, robbery in the first degree of the Pottawattamie County Jail transport van, escape from custody, felon in possession of a firearm, attempted murder of Jerry Brittain, robbery in the first degree for attempted carjacking of Jerry Brittain's vehicle, intimidation with a dangerous weapon for shooting into Jerry Brittain's vehicle, kidnapping in the second degree of Amy Kanger and robbery in the first degree for the carjacking of Amy Kanger's vehicle. 

The next court date for Correa-Carmenaty is on May 19. 

KTIV's Ashly Richardson spoke to the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office about their role in housing Correa-Carmenaty. 

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