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The "Many Faces of Mental Illness" has healthcare experts trying to erase stigma

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According to health care professionals, mental illness is something one in four adults will deal with in their lives.

"Almost everyone at some point in time has had a mental health issue, it's nothing you should feel embarrassed about or ashamed of," said Katie Detloff, Siouxland Mental Health Center.

"We want people to see that It doesn't look a certain way, a lot of people walk around with mental illness," adds Kemi Brown, Siouxland Mental Health Center.

The conference is open to active recovery patients, advocates and family members as well as health care professionals. The goal is to offer cutting edge resources and information to help mental health professions be more proficient at their jobs.

"One of the speakers referred to smiling depression and I had never heard of that before. It is where someone is energetic, they look like they are at the top of their game, they work, they move around in society just like everything is fine but they suffer from depression, no one ever know and it's difficult to diagnose because of their personality," continued Brown. 

Dealing with the many faces of mental illness was the top priority during the Siouxland Mental Health Center's annual conference. Health care professionals attending the conference were presented with the latest cutting edge information and technology to try and erase the negativity surrounding having a mental health issue.

Mental illness encompasses everything from drug addiction to suicide.

Health care professionals want to try and erase any stigmas associated with mental illness, and have people open up and ask for help.  More than 200 people attended today's convention at the Sioux City Convention Center, the convention has been taking place for more than 15 years. 

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