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Master Drummer teaches Sioux City students focusing skills

(KTIV) -

Kids at Irving Elementary truly got to march to a beat of a different drum as Master Drummer Sowah Mensah, an ethno-musicologist and composer originally from Ghana, West Africa, spent the week at Irving Elementary.

He uses his musical talents to teach kids how to focus and concentrate. His unique, music teaching style comes without sheet music. Nothing is written down, an approach that he says enhances kids attention span.

The only way the kids can play is by watching you, they have to watch the leader all the time. They don't know when things will happen so if they take their eyes off you, then they make mistakes," said Sowah Mensah, Master Drummer. 

Mensah says he has been playing the drums since the age of two years old and he is currently a music professor in Minnesota. The students had a chance to show off their talents as they gave a final performance in front of their other classmates. 

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