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ARCHIVE STORY: Tanzania crash survivor arrives in Sioux City Monday afternoon



A bus crash survivor from Tanzania has arrived in Sioux City.

The plane landed in Sioux City around 2:20 Monday afternoon.

The child is at Mercy Medical Center where she will undergo an evaluation and then head into surgery. 

But, the journey getting the three children that survived the crash to Mercy Medical Center has not been easy. 

The team at Mercy went to all lengths possible to get the three children to the United States. 

They called Congressman Steve King and Senator Joni Ernst who helped with the process of getting the children to Iowa.

Doctors at Mercy Medical center say these three children will serve as walking memorial and leave a legacy. 

Awaiting the arrival of the children has been exciting to everyone close to the situation. 

"Unbelievably exciting. We were just talking, I don't think either of us slept very much last night just knowing that they're going to be here. I don't think I'd be doing as well if I didn't know they were coming and if I didn't know they were going to get the best care possible." says  Jennifer Milby, who helped save the children. 

All the children will be in the care of Mercy Medical Center for the next two to three months while they recover. 


One of the Tanzania bus crash survivor's landed in Sioux City Monday afternoon. 

KTIV's Ashly Richardson is at the airport and will have more on News 4 starting Live at Five. 

Three young survivors of a deadly bus crash in Tanzania, Africa are set to arrive in Sioux City this week. 

Three Siouxlanders on a mission trip happened across the accident scene and helped rescue the children.

Jennifer Milby, Kevin Negaard and Manda Volkert are with Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministries.

That group jumped into action to bring the young victims to Siouxland to get treatment they couldn't get in their home country.

One of the children is expected to arrive on a private flight into Sioux City this afternoon.

If you would like to help you can call STEMM at (712) 258-8282.

They also put together a GoFundMe account as well.

KTIV's Ashly Richardson will have more on News 4 tonight. 

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