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ARCHIVE STORY: Tanzania children out of surgery at Mercy Medical Center

(KTIV) -

We now know the names of the three children who survived that horrific bus crash in the east African nation of Tanzania and who were rescued by volunteers from Sioux City.  

The names were revealed at a press conference at Mercy Medical Center on Tuesday. 

Their names are Wilson, Doreen and Sadia. After about 40 plus hours of travel time, officials say the final two children arrived Monday night around 5:30 p.m.

So far, the three children have undergone more than 10 hours of surgery combined. Doctors say they found a total of 17 fractures among the three children, some are more severe than others.

Dr. Steve Meyer is one of the surgeons providing their services for free, he says while the surgeries have gone better than expected, the kids still have a long road ahead of them.

"When they got here they were relatively stable but obviously very tired and in a lot of pain, the girl we operated on last night the extent of her spine fracture, her thoracic spine fracture is much more severe than we had anticipated and we have a big hurdle to cross with her," said Steve Meyer, CNOS. 

The doctors say that the kids do speak some English, and appear very appreciative of the medical assistance and support.     

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