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Thunderstorm winds damage West Monona school bus returning from field trip


Tuesday's storms provided a scary situation for some Onawa, Iowa 5th graders as they traveled back home after a field trip in Des Moines. 

The school bus got caught up in a thunderstorm in Shelby County, Iowa. The bus had just pulled over at a gas station when the winds tore a sign down, and slammed it into the bus. "A big wind came up, there were some storms moving through the area and they had a large wind, the bus driver said everybody get down on the floor and then a large sign from the gas station was dislodged by the wind," said Lyle Schwartz, West Monona Community Schools. 

A sign shattered a bus window, and punched a hole in the side of the bus. "Certainly it was a scary time for all of them initially but we all have out way of looking at things, some saw it as an adventure and others say it as truly scary," continued Schwartz. The sign also shattered rear view mirrors on the bus. 

None of the 55 students on the bus, nor any of the teachers or parents were hurt. Another bus was sent to pick up the group from the gas station, and bring them back to Onawa. 

The superintendent says he's glad no one was hurt and he is proud of the way everyone pulled together to protect the kids. "He took charge, got everyone down on the floor. I was very proud of the job he did,' continued Schwartz.

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