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Possible tornado damages home near Pilger, NE

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Damaging winds were reported in Cuming County, Nebraska, late Wednesday afternoon The winds were so strong that those who live near Pilger, Nebraska, believe that a tornado touched down.

The Oswalds say they saw some funnel clouds, and hail, near their rural home. Gravel, which was stirred up by the high winds, hit Dennis Oswald in the face as he tried to seek shelter.

Moments later, the Oswalds say a tornado hit their property.

The twister destroyed the family's tool shed, sending debris across the lawn, and even into nearby trees. They say they also lost power.

"We started seeing lawn furniture and pillows flying around in the air then all of a sudden it was just this shed started coming apart and pieces of metal flying around so we just got down on the floor and started praying, that's what we did," said Julie Oswald, Pilger, Nebraska.

The family's garage was actually moved off its foundation.

Neighbors have already offered to help the Oswalds rebuild their shed, and help with the cleanup.

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