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Powerful winds in Iowa are knocking trucks off the road

(CNN) -

Severe weather in Iowa gave truck drivers quite the scare.

Winds were so intense trucks were tipping over left and right.

Pounding rain and whipping winds, a sight for many, but a total different one-for truck drivers on the road.

Semi after semi tipped over this week.

James Martindale was traveling west on highway twenty-following the posted speed limit at sixty-five miles per hour when he met those strong winds head on.

James Martindale said, "I saw the clouds in the distance coming towards me. I was thinking yes, I'm going to miss the weather. I'm not going to have to walk outside in the rain. And all of a sudden the big wind just came out of nowhere."

His empty trailer-no match for those seventy to eighty mile per hour winds.

Martindale said, "I looked in my mirror and the left side of my trailer wheels were off the ground. So I jerked the wheel to the right and sat back down and hit my breaks to try to stop on the side of the road. And a second wind hit me, and that's when it lifted the front of my truck over, and I just held on to the steering wheel."

You can see Martindale's truck shortly after it tipped over-not realizing just how powerful mother nature is.

A similar sight in Bremer County-this video shows another semi being flipped upright on Highway 218.

Martindale said, "Definitely makes you stop and think that at any point in time anything can happen, you know."

A thought that has crossed driver Brad Hennicks mind in his more than ten years on the road.

Brad Hennicks said, "Starts to lift up, you just try to slow down, back off, park on the side of the road."

Experts say if you feel uneasy drivers should just pull over and wait it out.

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