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With "L to J" Learning Program kids scores improve by up to six grade levels

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Usually a teacher will measure the success of a child's learning from the beginning of the school year to the end.

But, what if the child does it?  Well at Dakota City Elementary School, the 5th graders did just that and the results were outstanding. Students improved by two to six grade levels in some subjects.

The "L to J" system requires that teachers tell students what they are expected to learn by the end of the year and gives them quizzes in between to measure their progress. The students keep a record of their continuous improvements.  

Experts say it is so successful because it engages the students more, gives them motivation and puts the student and teacher on the same team. The 5th graders got their results today and the results even surprised their teacher. 

"I'm shocked, pretty emotional today, I did not see this coming. I knew they were making good growth, we saw preliminary scores but I did not know it was 4-6 years growth," 

In reading the students improved by 2 1/2 years. In Science, 3 and a half years and in Text Dependent Analysis, 6 years growth was seen. Shroud says her students often ask for the quizzes excited to see their results and progress. 

When we did TAD we didn't like it but because we didn't like it we tried harder to get it done, it makes me feel proud because it shows how much growth we can make if we keep trying," said 5th grader, Travis McCabe, Dakota City Elementary School. 

This is the 3rd year Dakota City Elementary School has included "L to J" in their curriculum. 

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