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One more person charged in connection of Winnebago homicide


Two people are charged with second-degree murder, and another as an accessory, in the death a man on Nebraska's Winnebago Indian Reservation last month. 

Nineteen-year old Jeremiah Wolfe and 21-year old Lawrencia Merrick were originally charged with manslaughter earlier this month.

An indictment filed Wednesday is now charging them with second-degree murder. 

38-year old Natasha Wolfe is now being charged with accessory.

Court records say 32-year-old William Redhorn Jr. was killed early on the morning of April 23rd in Winnebago.

An autopsy shows that he'd been strangled, but also suffered head trauma.

According to court documents, on April 23 Merrick, and Jeremiah Wolfe and Natasha Wolfe were in the Ho-Chunk Building's parking lot when they noticed Redhorn attempting to break into the building. 

As Redhorn approached their car, Merrick and Jeremiah Wolfe got out before a fight broke out between Wolfe and Rehorn.

Wolfe told investigators he put Redhorn in a headlock until he went limp and was unconscious.

Court documents claim Merrick struck Redhorn several times during the fight, while Natsha Wolfe attempted to break up the fight. 

As a result of the fight, there was blood on Merrick and Jeremiah Wolfe's clothing. 

All three returned to Natasha Wolfe's home to wash the clothes. 

Merrick and Jeremiah Wolfe turned themselves into police later that night.

All three are scheduled to be arraigned in Omaha next week. 

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