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Tanzania children done with surgeries

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The three children that survived the fatal bus crash in Tanzania are done with surgeries, and are on the road to recovery.

"American people are good and we love, you, we love you so much," said the mother of Wilson, Tanzania Bus Crash Survivor.

A day of hugs, tears and words of thanks from the mothers of the three Tanzania children recovering at Mercy Medical Center. 

Also speaking out are the three Siouxland volunteers who were running late and happened upon the tragic school bus accident were 32 children and 3 adults died.

But Miraculously three kids survived. 

"I think how we made a difference, those kids that had a heartbeat and had a chance we moved and identified, so when the first vehicle came, we got those kids to the hospital first," said Kevin Wegaard, STEMM Volunteer

"It was one god moment after another, he put us in that place to help these kids," said Manda Volkert, STEMM Volunteer. 

A day later the kids were still on their minds. 

"We don't have any idea where the kids are, we don't know their names," continued Volkert 

But as luck or fate would have it, they found the kids and immediately went into action again, working to get Wilson, Sadia and Doreen to the US. for emergency surgeries. 

"Dr. Meyer had my number and he wasn't afraid to use it....I said we need visa's we need passports and we need an airplane,' added Congressman Steve King. 

And after a lot of no's and working with five different embassies, they got the answers they were looking for. 

"Yes, Dr. Meyer is going to come and help, Yes, Mercy is going to take the kids, yes, from Samaritan Persons, when you answer gods whispers incredible things can happen," continued Volkert.

"The kids were rushed here to Mercy Hospital, between the three of them they have undergone 17 different surgeries.

The one person who brought this all together isn't taking any credit but instead thanking others.

"The dialogue and the heart of the people of Tanzania has done a complete 180, to one of joy and hope and a light to the future because of what all of you have helped all of us accomplish," said Dr. Steve Meyer, CNOS.

Dealing with facial injuries and critical spine surgery, Doreen although done with surgeries for now, may not walk again but the doctors are optimistic.

"She's sitting in a wheelchair, she's eating for the first time so it's an absolute miracle the way all of these kids have recovered," added Meyers.

Wilson was able to make a brief appearance and share the smile nurses are raving about. 

"I can say thank you," says Wilson.

The kids will spend about 2-3 months in rehabilitation.

STEMM will be setting up a scholarship for the 3 kids and a Foundation to help others in Tanzania.We are going to set up a fund that will provide for teachers salaries, to build classroom, to dig wells at schools where they have land where they can raise gardens to help, provide feeding programs that STEMM has been very involved in bringing food to kids that don't have anything to eat all day long," said Dr. Steve Meyer, CNOS

The STEMM Foundation will be called the "Miracle Kids of Tanzania.

If you would like to donate or get involved, you can contact STEMM at 712/258-8282 or by visiting their website at www.stemm.org. 

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