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185th Iowa Air Guard trains annually to keep airport operating

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When an emergency breaks out at the Sioux Gateway Airport, first responders from the 185th Air Refueling Wing are the first on the scene. 

And, every year, they have to be certified to provide those lifesaving skills. The crew consists of 42 full time fire fighters and 27 guardsmen.

The big lime green truck you see holds 3,300 gallons of water. The smaller red trucks hold, 1,500 gallons of water.  Every year they have key performance objectives they have to meet. If they fall back in their certification they airport can lose it's license to operate, so this training is key

"On a initial aircraft crash you might have a pool of fire around the aircraft and we practice that approach, distinguishing that pool of fire outside the aircraft so that passengers that could possibly self-rescue have a safe rescue route," said Chief Master Sergeant, Michael Albrecht,185th Iowa air Guard.

The Federal Aviation Administration oversees the certifications. 

Airports don't have fire hydrants so the water they carry on the trucks is important and accuracy in putting out the flames is crucial. 

185th Iowa Air Guard at Sioux Gateway Airport is responsible for military and commercial planes, as well as, business and commercial aviation.  

The training plane used is on loan from the University of Missouri fire and Rescue Training Institute. 


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