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Sac City getting multi-million dollar facelift

(KTIV) -

Sac city is getting close to six million dollars to make beautification improvements. The money is  given to the city from longtime resident and businessman John Criss.  

"I'm amazed by what he did, it is an amazing gift, which means his feelings for this town are amazing," said Mayor Scott Bundt. 

Not only is everyone in town surprised by the donation but by the amount...5.7 million dollars. 

"His closest friends, we knew John was well to do but no one really knew he was worth that much so it was a surprise, it was an awesome thing," Dwain "Dewey" Reece. close friend and trustee.

The money however, can only be used on public land and projects. 

They are hoping that the beautification will increase tourism, where else can you go in the world, and see the world's largest popcorn ball. Weighing almost 10,000 pounds, this popcorn ball is just one of the many interesting things the trustees want people to appreciate about its city.

"I wish I could talk to him, I wish I could ask him questions and get his ideas but hopefully in knowing John for as along as I did, hopefully we can make him proud," said Renae Jacobsen, longtime friend and Trustee.

Improvements to this gazebo will begin immediately, it was the last project Criss worked on before he died. It is in memory of the town, his great, great, grandfather founded.

The three trustees consist of two of John Criss' longtime friends and the current mayor. 

They are taking suggestions for improvements from those who live in the town

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