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BPI presents two witnesses at trial on Wednesday


BPI presented two very different witnesses Wednesday.

A digital online producer for ABC World News Now and a food safety expert.

The first witness Wednesday morning, Sarah Amos, testified by deposition that at the time of the ABC reports she was in charge of the World News Now social media accounts and viewer questions.

In her deposition, the plaintiffs showed a number of email communications between Amos and her counterparts at ABC.

In those emails Amos exchanged viewer comments to Jim Avila and Brian Hartman as well as other senior producers at ABC.

She says after the first broadcast on March 7th, 2012, Amos says ABC received thousands of viewer responses across social media and email.

"Did ABC World News receive a large number of emails in response to the reports about LFTB in March or April of 2012," asked Nicole Wrigley, attorney for BPI. 

"What are we categorizing as large," asked Sarah Amos, former ABC World News Now digital producer.

"More than 100," asked Wrigley."Yes," said Amos. "More than 1000," asked Wrigley. "I can't say for certain," said Amos. "More than 200," asked Wrigley.

"Yes," said Amos. "More than 300," asked Wrigley. "Yes," said Amos. "More than 400," asked Wrigley.

 "I generally believe we received more than 1000 but again I can't be for certain the total amount that we received," said Amos.     

Amos claims that the high number of viewer responses indicated the impact of the story on viewers. 

Amos also claimed that if ABC's viewers have questions it is their job to answers them. 

Dr. Mindy Brashears has been a food scientist and safety expert for more than 16 years.

And Wednesday, provided testimony on why she says statements made about BPI in ABC's news reports were false.

Dr Brashears performed a number of studies and made nine different conclusions about statements made by ABC.

She found that all statements she was asked to look at were false. 

That LFTB is meat, safe to eat and it's not a filler. 

"Because fillers are ingredients that are added that are not beef," said Dr. Mindy Brashears. "The best example I can give of a filler that you would think of at home would be adding bread crumbs to make meat balls or meatloaf. It's adding something to the product that's not meat or beef."

Brashears believes is that LFTB is not a filler and is 100% beef.

Therefore it doesn't need to be on the label 

In her testimony Dr. Brashears did say BPI's processing plant was one of the best one's she has seen in her career. 


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