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Murder trial underway for Nebraska man who admitted to strangling his wife in Sioux City

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Despite confessing to police that he strangled his wife to death, a Nebraska man's murder trial began today in Sioux City.

29-year-old Rogelio Morales of Nebraska is charged with first-degree murder. Police say he murdered his wife, 21-year-old Margarita Morales on April 19th of 2015. 

The investigation showed this all happened in a car near a home in Sioux City.  Although the focus of the trial on Thursday, was the prosecution presenting it's case, we were given a look into what defense attorney's have planned. 

About a dozen people testified today in Woodbury County Court. Rogelio Morales sat quietly as the prosecution began their case. The investigation shows that his wife, Margarita Morales was strangled to death in a car.

The couple were separated at the time of her death, and the witnesses spoke of the the violent relationship between the two and how Margarita Morales wanted to get out of the marriage.

"She said that she is afraid of his temper," said Witness Zyra Corrales. "Did she give you a reason why she wanted to end her marriage? Because of all of the physical abuse that has been happening," said Witness, Sonia Reekers.

Also testifying today was the male Margarita Morales was involved with at the time and a conversation he had shortly with the husband before Margarita died.

"How was it that the conversation ended up concluding?, at the end of it he was going to come and beat me up, to me it was over, said Witness, Jesse Morey. 

The defense attorney mentioned several times that along with the confession, Morales also said he blacked out at the time. They also mentioned that Morales is former military and used the term P-T-S-D quite often. 

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