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BPI's corporate administrator testifies in BPI's $1.9 billion lawsuit


Rich Jochum is the Corporate Administrator for BPI. He says when he was contacted by ABC News in March of 2012. Jochum said he was leery because ABC had ran two previous reports in 2011 that were defaming to LFTB. Jochum testified in court today that he provided ABC with numerous sources about their product in 2012. Jochum later found out ABC never used any of the information.

In opening statements last week, ABC argued that the secret ingredient in BPI's product was secrecy. Jochum provided evidence in his testimony to prove BPI is a transparent company. 

"We're proud of what we do and we want people to be able to access the information; this is one of the ways they can access the information. We're market to market. We aren't consumer marketers but this is a way to provide information to people," said Rich Jochum BPI Corporate Administrator. 

During his testimony Jochum went through a number of articles that he provided to ABC. As well as, the information that was on BPI's website prior to the reports in 2012. 

Jochum will continue his testimony on Monday and then ABC will get a chance to cross-examine. We did get the witness list for next week. It includes 25 different witnesses, only a few will be live in court including Nick Roth the son of Eldon and Regina Roth. 

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