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Sioux City City Council votes to fill city assessor position


City council voted 5-0 Monday night to go ahead and fill the city assessor position when it opens in a couple weeks. 

The office will be vacated by current city assessor, Al Jordan in just two weeks' time. 

Woodbury County Supervisors requested the council vote to merge their two positions last month. 

But councilmembers say the city needs to know its representatives are dedicated to keeping the position in-tact. 

Councilmembers say a city assessor is necessary to look over the spreading residential and commercial developments in the city. 

"We've got commercial properties, we've got residential properties, but mainly the commercial properties and the developments that we have going on in Sioux City really need a qualified commercial assessor," said Sioux City Councilmember Dan Moore. 

County supervisors say consolidating the positions would save local taxpayers money, but Mayor Bob Scott argues just the opposite. 

The council says it will consider allowing the county to hold the position if they can't make a hire.

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