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LAKES AREA NEWS: Landowners reminded to eradicate noxious weeds


Property owners are being reminded to keep an eye out for any noxious weeds that may be growing on their land.

Aric Ping, the weed commissioner for Dickinson County said while there's a wide variety of noxious weeds, there are a couple, in particular, that cause issues locally.

"There's a couple dozen noxious weed species up here in our neck of the woods. The main problem ones are usually Canada thistle, leafy spurge and a few other species of thistles," Aric Ping said. 

Ping said enforcement of the county weed ordinance is complaint-driven.

"A member of the public who has seen noxious weeds on an adjacent property, they report that to me and I give the property owner notice that they need to control those weeds and give them a set amount of time to get that taken care of. If not we can actually go in and control those weeds for them and they would be billed for that control," Ping said. 

Ping said he's already received a few complaints of noxious weeds, and he expects that number will probably grow in coming weeks.

"I would think in the next few weeks we will probably see a jump in that as a lot of these, especially the thistle species, are starting to bloom," Ping said. 

Ping said anyone with reports of noxious weeds should contact him at 712-338-4786. He said anyone who needs assistance in identifying a species of weed that is growing on their property may also contact him.

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