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Briar Cliff University music professor prepares for concerts across the globe


Briar Cliff University's Dr. Richard Steinbach is bringing his musical talents a world away. 

He's set to play two solo music festivals. 

One in Sydney, Australia, the other in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

"I'm very excited. Both of these places are areas of the world in which I have not had the opportunity to visit yet. I'm going to be playing a solo concert called Cultural Fusion and playing basically new music from all over the globe," says Dr. Richard Steinbach, Professor of Music at Briar Cliff University. 

Steinbach says this opportunity will help his students right here in Siouxland. 

"Whenever I'm able to visit places like this, like Kuala Lumpur and Australia I'm able to kind of broaden my understanding of the world and I think that directly translates to my teaching here at Briar Cliff" says Steinbach. 

Through a local grant Steinbach has been able to tour in several parts of the world. 

That traveling brings a new understanding for music, as well. 

"So, all of those experiences really enhance me as a performer, as an artist and in turn it directly enhances my teaching as a music professor" says Steinbach. 

The lessons he's learned brings a message we can all learn from.

Steinbach says he's learned from cultures that don't think the way the western world does.  

"It really broadens that whole scope. On the other hand I've also found that music is sort of the glue that holds all of this global community together," says Steinbach 

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