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BPI hoping to rebuild after settlement with ABC


Attorneys for BPI say that the company is looking forward to moving ahead after settlement agreement with ABC.

BPI's Attorney, Dan Webb says BPI owners and the company's legal team, are very happy-- to say the least-- with the outcome and what lies ahead for BPI here in Siouxland. 

"With this behind them the grocery stores and ground beef processors will realize that this product should be in ground beef. They can get this behind them and move forward, they had to lay off 750 employees, their hope is that they can rebuild and get back to where they were before and re-employ these people, many of those people had spend decades working at BPI and they lost their job. If there is some way they can rebuild quickly, re-hire those folks, re-open some of the production capacity and put this company back to where it was before, that would be a good thing, it's good for consumers and it is good for South Dakota," said Dan Webb, BPI Attorney.

The President of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce is also looking forward to B-P-I being able to rebuild. 

"I am certain that the settlement between BPI and ABC will provide BPI with a strong foundation for future growth and with that strong foundation and future growth we certainly hope and expect that our local community and our local economy will grown and expand along with them,' said Chris McGowan, President, Siouxland Chamber of Commerce. 

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