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Clucking good fun in Wayne, NE


With a cluck, cluck here....
And a cluck, cluck there...
Yup, everywhere you went....
(Nats, cluck, cluck)

Those living near and far flew the coop and found a place to roost --  The Wayne Chicken Show, with the ever popular chicken clucking contest. 
"I went down the hen path because I felt that was the best opportunity to really perform and that is where the artistry is," said Kyle George, 1st Cluck-off Champion.

Past chicken champions say you have to work to get your cluck just right others say they just winged it. 

"First of all I don't screech, if you screech you lose," said past winner Danny MacGruder. 

So contestant after contestant they gave it the old chicken try. 

But not everyone was allowed to take the stage and cluck, even though they have the obvious skills. so there was a few ruffled feathers. 

If you were ever told you had chicken legs, well here those cluckers are admired.

"One of the celebrated games at Chicken Days is the Chicken Chucking contest, how far can you chuck a chicken? I think I can chuck a chicken pretty  far," reports Danielle Davis. 

If you ever wondered if chickens fly, yup, they do. The question is, how far? At Chicken days they tried to find out. 

And what better place to get an age old questioned answered, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

"The egg, because the chicken came from the egg," said 5th grader Rachel Hobbs. 

"Scientifically the egg would come first but religiously the chicken would probably come first.

So there you have it, question answered.

Wayne Chicken Show 

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