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HEALTHBEAT 4: Blocking the sun rays with screen protection

(KTIV) -

"We are in peak summer season right now, people are outdoors swimming," said dermatologist at Tri-State Specialists, Raymond Kuwahara.

Swimming, sports, camping, and so much more all play in to what outdoor summer activities include.

Also during this warm season, there is a lot of sun exposure, or UV light to your skin. 

But Dermatologist at Tri-State Specialists, Raymond Kuwahara, says that there are three key ways that you can limit that exposure.

First, sun avoidance.   

"It's best to stay out of the sun from 10 to 4 P.M.," said Kuwahara. 

But what if you have to be outside for a sports game, or cookout?

"So look for shade, look for cover, somewhere where you're not underneath direct sunlight, " said Kuwahara.

Next, sun protection.

If you are out in direct sunlight, wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and a hat. But not just a normal baseball cap.

"If you're wearing a hat, usually 3-inch brim that goes all the way around the head, " said Kuwahara.  "A baseball hat doesn't protect the back of the neck or side of the face."

And finally, sunblock

"The areas that you can't cover up, such as the back of the neck, or the face (some areas of the face), the hands, the arms, the legs, you can use sunscreen or sun block," said Kuwahara. 

Kuwahara says that everyone should be using at least SPF 30, and applying it every 60-90 minutes.

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