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Sioux City family helps bring awareness to ALS


Family and friends of Daryl Austin have been raising money for a special cause. 

After Daryl was diagnosed with ALS the family knew they had to jump in and make sure others didn't have to endure what they did. 

"It is an unforgiving disease. It is relentless and it rips your loved one away from you in front of you. So, it needs to be brought to everybody's attention so we can raise money and help and research and provide technology and everything " says Kaeli Helmink, Daryl Austin's daughter. 

It's a disease Kaeli and her entire family are all too familiar with. 

Her father, Daryl passed away from his battle with ALS Friday morning. 

But, the family is doing exactly what Daryl would have wanted. 

Bringing awareness to the disease. 

"So many people know about cancer and dementia and all kinds of other diseases, which is great, but nobody really knows about ALS" says Kaeli Helmink, Daryl Austin's Daughter 

Daryl's daughter Kaeli has been organizing fundraisers to raise money for ALS in the Heartland. 

She raise 3,500 dollars and her parents matched that dollar amount to give to the organization that helped Daryl in his time of need. 

Saturday, the check for just over 7,000 dollars was given to the Omaha based organization. 

"This will provide maybe feeding for feeding tubes, it might provide for a child to be able to go to summer camp to try to live normal. ALS is a very expensive disease and it really taps the resources of the people.We want the families, especially the children, do what they couldn't do otherwise" says Shirlee Goaley with ALS in the Heartland.

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