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Siouxlanders celebrate National Ice Cream Day at the Ice Cream Capital of the World


Siouxlanders packed into the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor in Le Mars for a sweet treat. 

Sunday was a little different than most summer days at the ice cream parlor. 

Those rushing to get a scoop were there to celebrate a savory day. 

"I'm celebrating National Ice Cream Day with some ice cream" says 10 year-old Destiny. 

Ten year old Destiny and her family decided to make the sweet stop on their way back home from a trip. 

It was a decision everyone in the group could enjoy.

"Rocky road and chocolate brownie extreme" says 10 year-old Dominic

With several flavors and toppings to enjoy both the young and the young at heart celebrated the day at the ice cream capital of the world. 

"Today's a little bit bigger since it is National Ice Cream Day but, Thursday through Sunday are our busiest days of the summer but it's still busy during those work days too" says Caitlin Hughes, with Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor. 

The day did draw in a crowd before the parlor even opened it's doors, and the crowds continued to come in all day. 

"We had about 25 people standing outside when we opened at noon this morning. I've looked at our sales and we've already had like 500 dollars in the first hour. So, it's going to be a big day today. We usually have 1,000 within the first two hours of our sales" says Caitlin Hughes

A national holiday everyone can get behind.

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