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BPI's Regina Roth speaks about impact trial made


For the first time since ABC News reached a settlement with Beef Products Incorporated in their nearly $2 billion civil case, the company's co-founder is speaking out.

During Monday's meeting with Rotary Club members, Roth focused on the lessons she learned throughout the trial that was settled late last month. 

Roth spoke about going through the entire trial process, from start to finish, including the relief at the end. 

She took several questions from the audience, answering everything she was asked. 

One member of the audience asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how pleased she was with the result of the settlement.

Roth responded 101.

While she couldn't disclose the amount reached in the settlement, Roth said some of the money will be put to good use.

"Well, we're expanding into other products and yes, we probably won't get extra plants but, we will, like our Kansas plant we will probably, it's been idle now for 5 years. So, it's going to need revamping. So, we will do things like that to get back into production," says  Regina Roth , Co-Founder of BPI.

Roth did tell the crowd she believes this could be the largest settlement of its kind. 

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