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CENTSABLE HEALTH: Probiotics & prebiotics


"Probiotics are something we've maybe heard of but may not know how to incorporate them in our daily diet," said Michelle Schoening, Reporting.

"So I think probiotics are kind of the hot topic right now," said Whitney Hemmer, Fareway Foods Registered Dietitian. "We're actually going to talk about probiotics and prebiotics today. They are a little bit different but they do go together. So maybe just to clarify some confusion you may have and let you know a little more about probiotics. So probiotics, just to start with some definitions first. They are basically good bacteria that live in your digestive tract. So if your bacteria is out of whack and you have too much bad bacteria that's when you think of things like diarrhea, constipation, but it can also effect your immune system; it can effect things like allergies and eczema if you don't have enough good bacteria. So I always tell people if you just have something kind of lingering and don't know what's going on, trying a probiotic is not going to hurt anything and may end up helping you a lot. So the probiotic what they feed on is the prebiotics. So a good balance. The probiotics eat your prebiotics; which is good news because the probiotics eat what your body is eating and that means you can redo your bacteria balance by changing your diet. And you can change it in about two weeks so it's a really fast turnaround. So when it comes to probiotics in your diet the main thing that we think of is yogurt. So yogurt is going to have that live bacteria in them, you always can flip them over and look. They have those live active cultures which is what you're looking for. You're usually really safe if you pick up a yogurt. So really you're good with any yogurt that you like whether that's greek, plain or Kefir which is by definition a creamy culture milk smoothy. It's basically a drinkable yogurt. If you could eat yogurt once or twice a day if you really like it, you will probably notice a difference within a week or two and it's not just in your digestive system that your whole body can benefit."

"Now, is it good for maybe a breakfast or a snack?" asked Schoening.

"When we talk about yogurt it's really balanced so it really fits. I like it as a snack because you get the carbohydrate and the protein in one and that's something we always talk about pairing together for snack. A little bit of prebiotic? These are some foods that maybe feed the probiotics a little bit better but really if you follow a healthy diet you'll feed the probiotics just fine. So really focus on the probiotics and they will feed the prebiotics."

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