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Orange City preps for thousands to head into town for RAGBRAI


Orange City is prepping to host nearly 25,000 bikers to kick of RAGBRAI.

As the first stop on the journey across the state, bikers will need to know where to go when they arrive.

"We have six information centers located throughout town. So, there will be one at all four corners of town when you come into town, and then there's going to be one downtown where all the action is. And, also at the main campground" says Amber Leusink, Information Chair for RAGBRAI Orange City.

Orange City has been prepping for the big day making sure riders know how to get around town when they arrive. 

"So, the people that are coming into town you know, as a host town, the starting town, we have a little bit of a different traffic pattern. So, people are going to be coming in with vehicles vs riders and they are going to be coming from all areas of town. And so, this is a great stop for them to stop before they get into town so they can understand where they need to go, how to get there most efficiently and get all of the information that they need  before they get to their destination in Orange City" says Leusink.

Bikers will be staying all over town. 

Leusink says if there's a green space, bikers will most likely be staying there.

To prepare for those bikers staying in town, the residents of Orange City have all jumped in to host.

"You know, it's a little tricky because we haven't done it before so we don't know exactly what to expect but, each committee is kind of training their own people, like the beverage garden, information center, kind of training their own people. So, were just kind of getting an idea from the RAGBRAI people of what we can expect so, hopefully we're ready" says Emily Moret with the Volunteer Committee. 

It's no easy task to host an event like this but, Orange City has had a little practice. 

"I think it helps a lot that we have done the tulip festival, we do it yearly so, a lot of our people understand what it takes to volunteer and that it takes an entire community to host all of these people" says Moret. 

Prepping for thousands of people to come to the town of tulips. 

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