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Gas line struck near 30th and Jones in Sioux City Thursday morning


A cut gas line caused a daycare to evacuate their building for about two hours Thursday morning, that's according to MidAmerican Energy.

The gas line was struck by a third party at 30th and Jones Street. 

It happened just before 9:00 a.m. 

Mid-American Energy said 30 people from the Angel House Preschool and School Age Center were evacuated to their adjacent building at 31st and Jackson.

One neighbor was heading to a doctors appointment when the commotion began. 

"And I go out the back door and I think--hmm. So I go back in and say to Jim, boy it really stinks outside. Well pretty soon  here comes the fire truck and I thought, oh my goodness what's going on. And I said to Jim I beat they hit a gas main," said Lexi Kuhl, resident.

One customer was impacted by the cut line.

Mid-American Energy hopes to have the gas line completely fixed and service back to that customer by one o'clock this afternoon. 

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Sioux City Fire Rescue crews were called to 30th and Jones where MidAmerican crews said a third party hit a two-inch gas line Thursday morning. 

The situation is under control and MidAmerican crews are on scene to make repairs to the gas line.

Sioux City Fire Rescue said earlier people in the daycare located in the Blessed Sacrament Church were moved to the north end of the building after the gas line was struck. 

KTIV's Michelle Schoening is on scene and will have updates on Twitter and Facebook. 

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