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Le Mars officials are asking people to use less water


As this heat wave continues, city officials in Le Mars, Iowa, are asking for residents to conserve water. Residents and businesses should try and use the least amount of water possible.

Le Mars city leaders say the city's 10,000 residents consume about 4 million gallons of water per day. With the present drought, residents have used more water than usual. Right now, the request to conserve water is a voluntary one. If enough residents can't conserve, the city make the conservation mandatory. To help residents, the mayor has a few suggestions for cutting back on water use. 

"Scrubbing the driveways, patios and things like that, you want to use a broom with a bucket of water. rather than just let a hose run. Washing the car, instead of letting the hose run, you might just want to take a bucket again," said Le Mars Mayor, Dick Kirchoff.

Also, you can take shorter showers and if you do have to water your lawn, do so before 6:00 a.m. or after sundown.

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