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RAGBRAI DAY 2: Farewell Spencer, hello Algona


135 miles down, 276 to go. 

RAGBRAI riders tackle 71 miles today as they left the first overnight town, and head to Algona. 

With one overnight town under their wheels, RAGBRAI riders have 5 more stops to go before they accomplished the 411 mile ride.

Although the miles are long, cyclists aren't complaining.

"We are having a fabulous time at RAGBRAI, 62 miles rolling in here to Spencer. And we are headed to Algona, 71 miles, then to Lansing, Iowa"  said Mary McClimon, RAGBRAI rider.

Ages young and old, riders know that training for such a ride,is crucial.

Plus, one RAGBRAI rider says the hardest parts- are over. 

"It's great, ya know, you train a little before it and now its happening. Looking forward to today, yesterday was 62 miles, today is 71 and it is sort of downhill from there" said Bob Vorwald, RAGBRAI Rider.

Along the way, there are tons of people, from all over the world, set out to accomplish some part, if not all of, the RAGBRAI route

"It's been a good ride, it was 900 elevation so it was a nice ride yesterday. Just staying mentally prepared. I met a lot of really nice people, and it's hard to get them feeling sorry for you when you see someone probably in their 8th decade of life and they are humming along" says Mary McClimon, RAGBRAI rider.

The riders rose with the sun for the second day in a row, and set their wheels toward Algona.

After Algona, riders will ride to Clear Lake.

The day's ride will cover 51.4 miles and just 934 feet of climb. 

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