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Woodbury County supervisors approve plan for new law enforcement training center


By a unanimous decision, Woodbury County supervisors have voted to build a brand new training facility for local law enforcers. It will replace the existing Prairie Hills Training Facility.

The Prairie Hills Law Enforcement Training Center was created inside an existing, 100-year old building. But because of it's size, it was a favored by law enforcement for training.

Previously, some of those law enforcers, including the county sheriff, wanted it to stay. But, county officials wanted it gone, some calling the Prairie Hills facility a "money pit."

"We estimate it costing tax payers $1.2 million dollars over 10 years time and we are trying to obviate that waste," said Jeremy Taylor, Woodbury County Supervisor.

And, in the spirit of cooperation, a compromise was reached.

"They worked hand and hand with us, they had questions, they would bring us blue prints, they would say hey, what about this, we would say this wouldn't work because its too small because we need this much space because of the dogs. Any concerns we had, they addressed," said Captain Tony Wingert, Woodbury County Sheriff's Office.

The new training facility will be smaller, just 1/4th the size of their current facility. But, it will cost about half of the amount of money it would take to run the old facility over 10 years. 

"It is a 60 x 120 foot facility, It will look like a modern metal building, we did not go into exorbitant costs, we kept the design basic to keep the cost low,"said Kenny Schmitz, Building Services Director, Woodbury County. 

The new building will be built just south of the Prairie Hills Facility, and law enforcement will be able to keep their current outdoor space for training. 

The sheriff's union has donated $40,000 to the construction of the new building. 

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