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New legislation aims to save lives of children left in hot cars


Since January, 30 children across the United States have died from heat related causes after being left in vehicles. 

By this time last year, 26 children died in hot cars. 

But, a new piece of legislation is hoping to change that. 

"There are gauges and alerts for low tire pressure and gas mileage and seat belts and doors remaining unlocked but, not for a child in the backseats," says Senator Richard Blumenthal. 

The new legislation would require cars to have technology that alerts drivers a child is in the backseat once the car is turned off. 

While Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety say the technology exists, it's not required for auto companies to have a device like that in the vehicle. 

"Another 30 children have lost their lives this year bringing the total to over 800 since 1990. If there would have been notification systems in vehicles then hundreds of mothers, just like me, would still have the blessing of holding their children in their arms today," says Lindsey Rogers- Seitz, a mother from Colorado who lost her son to heatstroke when he was unknowingly left in a car. 

The new technology would be similar to alarms we hear in our cars when we forget to buckle up. 

The technology could save the lives of children who are unknowingly left in vehicles. 

"So, it's really not a matter of, you know, if the technology exists, it's we need to make sure it's in all vehicles," says Jackie Gillan, President of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. 

Saving the lives of children through technology. 

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