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Asian beetle infecting Iowa trees


An Asian beetle has destroyed millions of trees in the Midwest and that beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer, has now been found in Iowa. 

More than 50 counties here In Iowa have trees that have been infected with the Emerald Ash Borer, a tiny beetle that infects trees.

"It bores into the tree and feeds on the vascular tissue of the tree and the tree starves," says Arborist Jerry Kahl.

There are treatment options available, one is to drench.

"You take chemicals and pour them around the base of the tree, to help ward off Emerald Ash Bore.

If your tree is already infected you can try an injection. 

"The tree injection is usually good for 2-3 years, people need to consider how valuable that tree is to their landscape and whether they want to do the injection, treatment or replacement," adds Kahl.

If you are not sure if your tree has been infected, there area few signs you can look out for.

"The crown will start to thin and you will start to see some woodpecker activity that they are feeding on the larvae, there are de-shaped exit holes by the beetle," continues Kahl. 

And sometimes it can take years before you even begin to notice the infection. 

For more information contact Jerry's Tree Service at 712/732-2373 or by visiting the National Forest Service multi-agency website. . 

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