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Hearings get underway into proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline route through Nebraska


The Nebraska Public Service Commission is holding a series of hearings that will decide the fate of the Keystone XL oil pipeline in the state. 

Major topics to be discussed are the route of the pipeline, and if it will cross more than one township. Also at issue is the cost financially and environmentally.

Over the course of this hearing, 90 Nebraska landowners, more than 30 other Nebraska residents and other organizations, are planning to attend.

Much of Monday's meeting was dominated by attorney Dave Domina, who represents Nebraska landowners, grilling Transcanada's Tony Palmer. At one point, Domina pointedly asked about how long the pipeline would last. "It's dependent upon the commercial use of this pipeline over time," Palmer said. "The initial use of this pipeline is approximately 20 years." 

The pipeline will run 275.2 miles, and will run through 100 parts of privately-held land. 

Another major concern on this project is how much responsibility it will put on future generations.

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