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City of Alta, IA to work with Westview Park residents to clean mobile home park

ALTA, Iowa (KTIV) -

"As a single mother with three kids, I was worried, 'what am I going to do?" said Westview Park resident, Teresa Villegas.

Residents of Westview Park in Alta, Iowa were armed with notes, ready to defend their right to their mobile homes.

It turns out they didn't need all the ammunition.

"We'd like to get it cleaned up, fixed up," said Mayor of Alta, Ron Neulieb. 

Mayor Ron Neulieb eased the tension in a packed city council board room, telling the residents their intention was never to condemn the mobiles homes -- but to help clean the park up.

Alongside the residents.

"That means the world, that means my kids don't have to be afraid to have a home to come home to," said Westview Park resident, Desarae Morales. 

City council members -- and residents -- acknowledge the park is littered with trash and debris in yards and on the street. 

But coming out of Monday night's council meeting -- there's hope -- and a new partnership to get Westview Park back in tip-top shape.

"The people that live there seem to want to work with the city and the council seems to want to work with them. So, if we get the two entities to work together I think we can accomplish great things," said Neulieb.

The first step for the two parties...sharing the cost of a dumpster for all the trash around the park.

Villegas and Morales are currently looking for a new manager to look over maintenance. 

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