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Siouxland man awarded Certificate of Appreciation for heroic act


Special recognition, Tuesday, for a Plymouth County man, who saved another man's life.

Back on July 5th, Plymouth County Highway Technician Mark Marienau heard a commotion from his co-workers.

He turned to see a concrete finisher had been electrocuted when he came into contact with a power line.

The man was on the ground, unresponsive.

Marienau didn't know the man, but sprang into action.

He did chest compressions on the victim for 15-minutes until the Kingsley ambulance could arrive. 

"It went in through his shoulder, and out his foot," said Mark Marienau, Plymouth County Highway Technician.  "He was on the ground unresponsive, and we checked for vitals, and I started chest compressions. I thought I witnessed someone die for the first time... and that's all I could think of."

The man survived.

Marienau said he would not have been able to do what he did without having CPR training through Plymouth County.

County Board Chairman Don Kass says because of this event, they are now offering CPR training to all county employees.

"As a result of this, later this fall, we are going to have CPR training for all of the county employees who have no received it recently, including at the courthouse," said Don Kass, Plymouth County Chairman.

Marienau was awarded that Certificate of Appreciation earlier today in front of family and co-workers.

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