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Maryland tornado damages homes

Maryland Tornado Maryland Tornado
(CNN) -

The National Weather Service confirms a storm that damaged buildings in Maryland was an EF-1 tornado.

But as John Gonzalez reports, residents could already tell it was a twister from the trail of destruction it left behind.

From a florist on business route 13 under water today.

Jim Gray/Florist

"We've got a little water inside, we're going to get that cleaned up"

To a physical therapist office next door, caved in.

Gwyn Benny/Physical Therapist

"Devastation. We walked around and saw the building out back was completely blown away"

The storm that ripped through Salisbury did not discriminate.

This bar's surveillance cameras show the moment it came through.

The path of the destruction tearing right through the back of this warehouse belonging to Salisbury University.

Cinder blocks thrown several feet and metal twisted as it flew off.

Gwyn Benny/Physical Therapist

"Blowing horizontal and all of a sudden the roof went down and up about a foot and then a big boom! And, well, we knew it was done. I went up front and out secretary and a patient was in here and I grabbed each one by the arm, I saw, well, if we are going to go we're going to go together."

From the minute it came through residents and business owners knew this had to have been a second tornado in two weeks on the eastern shore.

Characteristics very similar to the one on Kent Island, the damage confined to about a 2 mile stretch and only about 200 yards wide.

Jim Gray/Florist

"As bad as it was it could have always been worse"

Cars flipped like hot wheels and trees and power lines snapped like twigs.

But lives spared again, miraculously no serious injuries.

John Gonzalez/Reporter

"Radar indicated a rotating storm passing over this area at around 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon with very little warning.

In fact, there was not a tornado warning issued before this hit.

In Salisbury, John Gonzalez, News Channel 8."

The weather service says the tornado produced winds of about one hundred miles per hour.

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