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Woodbury County officials discuss judge's order to ban guns from courthouse


Should an off-duty law enforcement officer be able to bring a gun into a courtroom at the Woodbury County Courthouse?

One sheriff's deputy says the answer isn't as "black or white" as you think.

He says there are shades of gray.

The topic came up at Tuesday afternoon's meeting of the county board of supervisors.

Board Chairman Matthew Ung says law enforcement officers must not be armed while in the courthouse if they aren't on duty.

Ung also says those off-duty law enforcers may not wear their uniform while in the courthouse.

An order from Chief Judge Duane Hoffmeyer indicates those regulations apply if the law enforcer is in the county courthouse on personal business.

Tuesday night, sheriff's deputies asked for clarification from the chief judge.

"We discussed that personal business could be going to a contentious hearing, but it could also be simply attending a committee and helping the county business," said Matthew Ung, Woodbury County Board of Supervisors Chairman. "I don't think someone like that should have to be disarmed, or be encouraged by a judge to change their clothes."

A security committee meeting will be held on August 25th, for Judge Hoffmeyer to offer clarification on the issue.

The order comes after the board of supervisors voted, earlier this month, to allow guns on county property in an attempt to comply with the state's newly expanded gun rights law.

But, in June, the state Supreme Court ruled that only law enforcement can have guns in courthouses or court-controlled areas.

Sheriff Dave Drew said he'd enforce the court's order.

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