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READY 4 THE BELL: Staying healthy throughout the school year


Keeping your kids clear of sickness and germs during the school year can be tough.

However, experts say it all begins with a yearly exam with your primary physician.

"A lot of us remember it when they are babies and preschoolers to stay with the immunization schedule and there well-child visits," said Erica Bonstead, Wellness Specialist/Athletic Trainer at Mercy Business Health, "But sometimes it goes by the way-side when they get older."

Bonstead explains physicians will discuss overall growth and development at the annual visit. 

 Another key to keeping your kids healthy -- a balanced diet. 

"We certainly promote the five-a-day fruits and vegetables. We want to make sure we are giving our kids enough fruits and vegetables," said Bonstead, "And introduce them to as many foods as you can. And get them accustom to trying things and introducing new things to their palette."

The key to keeping those unwanted germs away --- good handwashing.

"If you are teaching your kids good handwashing technique and they are using it through out their day, you're really going to prevent the spread of germs," said Bonstead.

Top it off with an average of nine to 11 hours of sleep -- and your student is set to go this school year.

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