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Opioid epidemic hits new levels in Washington

(NBC) -

Thirty-seven people overdosed on opioids in Snohomish County, Washington during a one-week period in July, according to a first-of-its-kind data collection project from the county's health district.

"It was an exciting project, but also sobering," Snohomish County Health District spokesperson Heather Thomas said, explaining the report took a snapshot of the opioid epidemic. 

Between July 17 and July 23, three of those overdoses were fatal.

It's shocking: 37 overdoses in one week. And we think that's not all of them. Thirty-eight percent didn't even call 911," Thomas said.

First responders, medical providers, community leaders, and local partners such as clinics and syringe exchanges all contributed real-time data on overdoses for the project, in contrast with official numbers that are often fragmented or released six to 18 months than the collection period.

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