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Tanzanian children hurt in bus crash prepare to return home after months of medical treatment


Three Tanzanian children, recovering in Sioux City after a deadly bus accident in their home country, are set to return home. 

Doreen, Wilson and Sadhia, first arrived in Sioux City back on May 15th. The group suffered more than 20 fractures and numerous injuries from the crash that claimed 36 lives.

But, thanks to care from Mercy Medical Center, and other providers, all three will return home next week. 

Members of Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministry, or STEMM, worked to bring the kids here after the accident. They will also help get the children back to Tanzania. They'll head off to the African nation next week and help get the kids back to normalcy. 

It's been a long road to recovery. Now that their time is wrapping up in Siouxland, doctors are thrilled with the progress of the three children. "It's really amazing watching what the kids have done," said Dr. Larry Volz, Mercy Medical Center. "From how rough of shape they were in when they came in, emotionally, physically, how badly injured they were, needed to see how bad their fractures were and really what their outcome would have been like had they not been transferred here and then watching them progress through that."

Doreen, Wilson and Sadhia will leave Wednesday to head back to Tanzania. 

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