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Missionaries celebrate the recovery of Tanzanian children after May bus crash


Missionaries, from Siouxland, will accompany three Tanzanian children back to their home country after the trio spent three months in the care of local doctors after they were critically-injured in a bus crash.

Three missionaries, from Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministry, came upon the crash minutes after it happened. The crash killed 36 people. But, Doreen, Sadhia and Wilson managed to survive.

Days later, they were brought to Sioux City to heal their wounds. "They're all waiting to go home together because we want a big celebration when we get to the other side and it's going to be a really amazing event when we get over there," says Jon Gerdts, Executive Director of STEMM.

It's a journey members of STEMM have been a part of since the scene of the accident. STEMM, along with doctors, nurses and countless volunteers, have been with the children and their mothers every step of the way.  "Wow, it's just a lot of high fives, a lot of glory to God because we know that we were just used by God in this way," said Gerdtz. "We had the opportunity to say yes and that's what makes all the difference."

Members of STEMM will return to Tanzania, as the children are heading home after months of recovery. "We're going to be met at the airport by congressional delegation from the U.S., Steve King has a whole group over there," said Gerdtz. "They'll be meeting us with a number of politicians from Tanzania and so many others."

All three of the children say they will miss the United States, and the people who have helped them on their road to recovery. 

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